Many people know, but not everyone uses before going to the store:

  1. Check Target Weekly ads, Research the week's promotions and use apps to find discounts. If you find good deals, add them to your list.
  2. It's best to write everything down on paper or on your phone. Don't forget to check bathroom needs and stock up on household chemicals.
  3. Studies have shown that slow music in stores increases sales. Your music on headphones will help keep you from falling for this trick.
  4. Researchers have found that with an empty stomach, 64% more is spent. Therefore, it is better to eat at home.
  5. It is better not to go to the store after work because of the crowds. Plan to go at a more leisurely time.
  6. Entering the store is light, but coming out will have to be heavy. Therefore, choose a spot closer to the exit.