Stote with check-out desks and a lot of customers

Each day, thousands of people visit Target stores. Therefore, during peak times, each of us has repeatedly stood in endless lines at the checkout. Want to avoid this? Plan your shopping on a certain day and timeframe.

Which Days Are Best

The day you choose to go shopping makes a big difference. Here are some good choices:

  • From Tuesday to Thursday: Fewer people shop on these days than on weekends.
  • Monday Morning: It's usually quiet since most folks shop over the weekend.

Try not to go on weekends or during big sales because it'll be super busy.

Best Times of Day

What time you shop matters too. Here are the best times:

  • Right When They Open: Getting there early, like around 8 AM, means fewer people.
  • Just Before Closing: Going about an hour before they close also means it's not as busy.

Other Tips

  • After Holidays: The store is quieter after big holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Back-to-School Time: Skip late July and August because it gets busy with back-to-school shoppers.